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A Time To Give Thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches, I think about what I have to be thankful for and the traditions surrounding this wonderful holiday. One of the things that I am thankful for is being able to help people navigate the maze of retirement and give them options that traditionally they don’t hear about or consider. I am thankful that I can help my clients decide when and how to take Social Security, educate them on Medicare, plan for long-term care, and of course, the importance of retirement income planning. I am thankful I can offer my clients safety from market and inflation risks.  I am grateful that I can provide 100% protection for their principal which means no matter what the market does, my clients will not lose ONE PENNY! I am thankful that I can offer my clients guaranteed income for life, regardless of what the market does. I am thankful that I can offer my clients so many choices that we can indeed build a plan that perfectly fits their needs; options of perhaps taking a product that provides a 15% bonus, the opportunity to occasionally earn returns of 6,7, or even 9% - again without market risk!  Choices to have protection against inflation, double or even triple their death benefit.  Options will help pay for long-term care without the high cost of long-term care insurance. The most significant reward I get is sitting with a client and saying, “Congratulations, you have won the retirement game.  You can retire with confidence and with peace of mind.” I have a fantastic job requiring people to trust me with their hard-earned, long-saved retirement accounts.  It is a privilege and honor to have that trust, and I am also very thankful. I wish you all a Happy and blessed Thanksgiving.  
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Mike Kaminski

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